Liv Systems Ltd was formed in 2007 to offer Human Factors Engineering consultancy and training to companies and organisations where the interaction of people with their products or services is safety-related.

Our Story

The company was formed by a team of Human Factors Specialists with the aim of providing an environment where the background and knowledge of experienced practitioners can be applied to real-world problems.

This means that our clients will work with an experienced consultant that understands their industry, challenges, and regulatory environment.

We prefer to work within a “coaching by doing” model and value close collaboration and interaction with development teams, with active involvement of stakeholders (such as project sponsors, engineers, and end-user representatives).

Human Factors Consultants

The principal consultants (Chris Lowe and Mel Lowe) all are qualified and accredited with the respective professional institutions.

Capability Statements

We have capability statements that describe the services offered by Liv Systems.

General Company Introduction

Human Factors and Safety Cases

Operability Validation

Human Factors Requirements

In addition we are able to perform design assessments using the HumanCAD v2.0 3D anthropometric modelling software.  HumanCAD enables us to import or create 3D design models (in 3DS or STEP format).  From here we can conduct assessments of reach, clearance, fit, and vision.  We can show how your design may be used by people of different body sizes across your target audience.  We are able to source anthropometric (body size) databases for most populations throughout the world.
HumanCAD Example 2HumanCAD Example 1
The benefits of 3D model assessment are that designs can be assessed ahead of production of a mock-up or production version.  This saves time, money, and potential rework.

Case Studies

Since 2007 the company has conducted assignments in the transportation and energy sectors.

Articles and Examples

Some of our work is publicly available on the internet.  Below is a list of reports and articles that we have contributed to.

Accounting for Human Factors in Engineering Safety Management – Good Practice Handbook

Assessment of the Risks of Open Line Working

Effective Human Factors Integration in the Design of a Signalling and Train Control System for the Metro Rail Industry

Human-Centred Design of an Automatic Train Regulation System

Human Factors – On the Right TRAK?

A Human-centred Approach to Safety Management Systems

First ATC Support Tools Implementation (FASTI) – Cognitive Task Analysis

Common Factors in Signals Passed at Danger

Investigating the Design of a Display to Repeat Signal Aspects

Who, other than the driver, has a role in reducing SPADs


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