Human Factors Integration is a good practice approach that is used in a number of industries in order to ensure that Human Factors Engineering activities are timely, effective, and influence the safety and operability of the end product.

Our services in this area focus on the practices and processes that are necessary in order to get the most value from Human Factors Engineering.  We have many years experience in adapting and tailoring Human Factors Integration activities so that they complement other engineering disciplines.

Engineering Process Integration

Our consultants have written over 15 Human Factors Integration Plans over the past twenty years and are experts at quickly understanding the challenges, culture and existing practices within your organisation.

We are fully familiar with the applicable Human Factors Integration standards within the industries that we work.

Safety Case Integration

Our approach to integrating Human Factors considerations into safety assessments is based on first understanding the human performance conditions that are relevant to safety-related actions.  We view ‘human error’ as the just the end result of some underlying system problem.

Only after establishing this step is it possible to consider estimating human unreliability.  We are experienced in using HEART, THERP, APJ, NARA/RARA, and other methods for this purpose.

Standards and Process Development

Developing Human Factors standards and processes can be a good way of standardising activities and helping Human Factors Engineering become established within an organisation.

We use collaborative methods to define and develop the scope and content of these documents. We have found that stakeholder involvement in defining the purpose of these documents is crucial.

Mentoring and Coaching

If you have some level of Human Factors Engineering capability within your organisation then we are able provide to mentoring and coaching as part of continuous professional development.  We can also ‘peer review’ Human Factors reports in order to provide an unbiased and independent technical verification.

Our consultants are also able to act as mentors for individuals seeking accreditation with a Human Factors professional organisation.

We also offer a short course in Practical Human Factors Integration.


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