Want a project your users will love?

No project is successful unless its aim is clear, and that starts with understanding why the project is needed. What requirements must be met? How will the project affect the intended end users? Have all relevant human factors issues been considered before work gets underway?

As the saying goes, ‘measure twice, cut once.’ Failing to focus on the requirements and jumping straight to implementation is a good way to waste time and money. And no project manager wants that.

Since 2007, we’ve worked with businesses and organisations to help them get their initial requirements nailed. That means helping with tasks such as:

  • Considering needs – is the project even necessary and what are the real requirements?
  • Consulting all stakeholders – have all parties been canvassed and are end users getting what they need?
  • Defining minimum criteria – what do the basics of success look like?
  • Understanding the restrictions – have the requirements passed a feasibility test?
  • Noting regulations & standards – what rules need to be followed?