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Chris has worked in Human Factors Engineering for 30 years in the transport, medical, defence, nuclear, and aviation industries. He is a Fellow and chartered member of the UK Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

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Balanced Integration of COTS and Human Factors: An Evolved Approach

In our previous blog posts, we explored the benefits and limitations of integrating Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) systems, with a particular emphasis on Human Factors Engineering. We highlighted the need for a delicate balance between the advantages of COTS and the criticality of Human Factors Integration (HFI) to ensure successful system performance and user satisfaction. In this […]

Human Factors Engineer: What It Is and How To Become One

As we return after the Easter break, many of us start to reflect on our current career paths and consider making a change. One field that has gained popularity in recent years is Human Factors Engineering. Whether you’re a new graduate or someone looking to pivot to a new career, you may be curious about […]

Human Factors and… Sound Design

Today we start a new series of interviews where we talk with different specialists associated with Human Factors and User Experience Design. The idea is to find out how HF Specialists are perceived by other disciplines, where our interests overlap, and how we can work better together to improve the design of products and services […]